Get The Supplements With The Healthy Difference!

There are important differences in supplements. B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line™ products are natural...specifically designed to help replenish the body's alkalinity and provide whole food nutrients...without masking symptoms or falsely stimulating your body the way artificial chemical supplements can.*

How supplements are prepared is almost as important as the raw ingredients used. Most supplements are laboratory-made, undergoing high heat and harsh chemicals during processing, which destroy most of the enzymatic qualities and change the protein structure. Not Alka•Line™. Our supplements are not heat treated, so the enzymatically active ingredients remain active for maximum effectiveness. And since there are more live enzymes in Alka•Line™ products, you can take smaller amounts and obtain the same results as taking larger amounts of other brands.*


  • Alka•Green®
    A Natural Body Alkalizer*
  • Alka•Slim®
    Weight Reducing, Health and Energy Enhancing Formula*
  • Adrenergy™
    The Natural Stress and Energy Balancer*
  • Colloidal Trace Minerals
  • Alkadophilus®
    The Non-refrigerated Multi-strain Acidophilus
  • Alka•Cleanse®
    Colon Cleansing and Normalizing Supplement
  • Super•V™
    A Vegetarian Super Multi-Vitamin
  • Alka•Cal®
    A Calcium Supplement To Increase Bone Density*
  • Alkadrenergy®
    The All Plant Stress and Energy Balancer*
  • Alka•Pan®
    A Complete Digestive Enzyme Formula*
  • SuperDigest™
    A Pure Plant Digestive Enzyme Formula
  • Chew C Berry™
    Chewable Vitamin C
  • Trace Mineral Energy-Homeopathic
  • pH Paper

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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